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True beauty
07 February 2019

True beauty

Lately I've been having this conversation about self-esteem with many of my female clients.

Why, as women, are you so fixated on our appearance? If I had to take a guess, I would say it's probably because men are such visual creatures. It is said that when a woman walks into a room, she will judge herself by the way everyone is looking back at her. But I've learned over the years that the people looking back are simply a reflection.

If a woman walks into a room with head held high, back straight, and with an "I've got this" attitude, people will look and think, "There is a strong confident woman." If the same woman walks through the same room with shoulders hunched, head down thinking, "Is everyone staring at me because I'm ugly?" people will look back at her and think, "That woman is incredibly self-conscious; she must think she's ugly." And this exact same situation plays out no matter the size, shape, ethnicity, or beauty of the woman.

Change everything about her and the crowd will still mirror back to her how she feels on the inside.

So whether you think people see you as beautiful or you think people see you as ugly, you are correct. I would love to change the world so men aren't such visual creatures and women aren't so self conscious, that the average model isn't 1.7m and 52kg, and so society didn't value looks as the highest priority. But I can't change those things. I can give the gift of self-confidence through a photo-shoot one woman at a time.


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