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What you should know before you book a Boudoir session with us
13 December 2018

What you should know before you book a Boudoir session with us

You're sitting there, paging through our website, looking at all of these amazing women of all shapes and sizes that has photographed. You're wishing you could take the plunge, but...you're worried. What will it be like? Let's take a look at just a few things that you might be concerned about.

You don't have to spend a fortune on lingerie
What you wear is not nearly as important as how you own it when you wear it. A poorly fitted or uncomfortable bra isn't going to photograph well no matter how much you spend on it. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy! One of his shirts, an old, slouchy sweatshirt, anything goes! Before your session, we will go over what to wear in my virtual preparation guide.

You probably will be nervous
Being nervous is totally natural! I've had my own boudoir sessions done so I know exactly how you are feeling. I plan my sessions carefully, so there is plenty of time for you to chill out, get your makeup done and get into the right frame of mind before your session.

You're in a safe place
I've photographed hundreds of half-naked and naked women in the years I've been in business. Every single one of them has a story, and sometimes we talk about some personal stuff during the session. Please know that what happens in the studio stays in the studio. That goes for sharing photos as well, I never share or post photos without express permission of my clients.

Banishing self-hate talk means better photos
You're not going to "break the camera," and I won’t "airbrush" all your flaws away. In the days before the session, I want you to practice self-love, so you enter the session confident that you are going to look amazing. I will work with you to make sure that we highlight your assets and minimize what you don’t love. Find a mantra, read an inspirational book, put an inspirational quote on your phone screen. Be mindful of letting negative thoughts in. It really does make a difference in how you feel, and that positive outlook translates into beautiful, powerful photos.

We are going to tell you exactly what to do
From the moment we start the session, we will be guiding you, posing you and showing you exactly what I need you to do. From the way you hold your chin, your lips, your shoulders, to how to connect your eyes to the camera, I'll lead you through it all and explain why I am doing it. Boudoir is very different than any other photo session you have ever had because we are using posing and light to sculpt your body. The woman I photograph are just like you. They are mommas, working women, teachers, women of faith, of color. No session is alike because there is no one like you. I’ll help you through this every step of the way, but never outside your own personal comfort zone.

You're going to want to do it again
Most people approach a boudoir session thinking it’s a one-time deal. But I will tell you that these sessions will empower you. They will make you see yourself as your loved ones see you.


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