Hello and welcome to Dewald Wessels Photography. We are a Pretoria East based photography company specializing in the art of portraiture and boudoir. Creating cherished artwork that celebrates women through intimate portraiture is our sole mission. It is through the experience of boudoir photography that we hope to reaffirm the beauty, confidence, and passion found in all women. Boudoir is an intimate way to express yourself, to celebrate yourself as a woman. So, please, look through our site and discover what boudoir photography can truly be.


Why we are unique...

Providing an experience that is second to none, and images that stand out is what Dewald Wessels Photography prides itself on. We use a variety of locations from which to shoot, giving us a greater variety in our images. Our images are produced with knowledge gained from studying with industry leaders in posing and editing. This has produced a unique shooting style. To round out our exclusive experience, we use products from masters in their specific medium. All of these elements combine into a luxury boudoir experience like no other.


Boudoir and Portrait Photography

All about you

We don’t get carried away with the fluffy and adorn you with feather boas or frippery. We like to keep it gorgeous and real. With over a decade of professional photography experience we know that you will look your absolute best.

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Your investment

A boudoir session is one of the best photographic experiences you can treat yourself to and something every woman should do at least once. So indulge yourself or your partner to a big birthday, for reaching a personal goal, something special for your husband or just because you deserve to feel wonderfully sultry, feminine, elegant and sensual.

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Blog tidbits

Trying to figure out what to wear at your boudoir session? We've got a few tips to help you out

Why, as women, are you so fixated on our appearance? If I had to take a guess, I would say it's probably because men are such visual creatures. It is said that when a woman walks into a room, she will judge herself by the way everyone is looking back at her. But I've learned over the years that the people looking back are simply a reflection.

You're sitting there, paging through our website, looking at all of these amazing women of all shapes and sizes that has photographed. You're wishing you could take the plunge, but...you're worried. What will it be like? Let's take a look at just a few things that you might be concerned about.

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